About us

It’s not easy to Feed others. Even Myself too lol!! But we could find the way. Yep we are!! We are trying to make your food journey. It’s my journey too. The place for everyone, It’s Colombo To Seoul!!

Dhanushka Ranaweera

Managing Director : Colombo To Seoul Restaurant

It`s not easy to describe or define about life.  But life is something which is truly amazing and it flows with its natural course. Life is a journey full of different experiences and encounters.

I was born in a country that is known as the pearl of Indian Ocean and since the old days Sri Lanka has been called a paradise on earth. Back in those days I was involved with work as a musician. But one day my destiny change.  A whole new path opens up unexpectedly and it takes me into a foreign land and I end up in South Korea. In a culture where people value and respect each other and they had worked hard for generations to build up the strong nation it is today. I see it as a great privilege and opportunity that I had in my life to become a part of the culture and the society of a country like South Korea.

The Sri Lankans are well known in the world as a nation spirited with generosity and hospitality. I studied about Agriculture, Cookery and Korean Language for six and half years in South Korea. During that period I was able to gain whole lot of new experiences, I could meet many ambitious ,hard working people and I found their food to be amazing, full of flavour and very delicious. I was very impressed about the fact that they use natural ingredients to prepare their food. Being around such special people has enabled me to gain new experiences as I am a person who always try to learn something new from others. my experiences and the encounters in South Korea have helped me to overcome my weaknesses that I had as a person before coming to South Korea. With Mighty God`s grace I have been blessed to meet very special and amazing people during various stages of my life. The experiences and background essentially makes a person who they are. Through those encounters I was able to gain a wide range of experiences and skills which I could make a good use to make a new beautiful creation. As me and Dhanushka think food is like a language and therefore we hope to spread this language with our love to serve the multicultural society here in Australia and the whole world. It’s your Food Journey!

Soshan Perera

Director & Master chef : Colombo To Seoul Restaurant

My legs start to kill , when I am in front of the wok 5 to 6 hours continuously. What did I do??? I was trying to Feed others. When you smile and when you say “It’s amazing “ All my pains go away. What a simple meditation. Part of a great Journey! It’s your food journey!

Dulaj Subasinghe

Assistant chef and Bartender : Colombo To Seoul Restaurant